White Elephant Rules and #'s (PDF)

White Elephant Rules and #'s (PDF)

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Is a White Elephant Gift Exchange in your future?

You've come to the right place!

What's In The White Elephant Printable Pack?

White Elephant Rules (large) - It's important participants know the White Elephant Rules from the start so there's no question once the exchange is in full swing!

White Elephant Rules (4 per page) - You can strategically place these rules around the room because you know Sally Sue will insist she can steal that Angry Birds Hat even though it's been frozen. Just slide one over to her and stick with the facts!

Numbers - Two sheets of numbers from 1 - 24! No need to scratch numbers on scrap paper when you have these awesome White Elephant Printable #'s!

Encourage Stealing, Laughter, and FUN! The White Elephant Gift Exchange will certainly bring life to the party!

Stuff You Need To Know

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