Elf Trivia Game (PDF)
Elf Trivia Game (PDF)

Elf Trivia Game (PDF)

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Who doesn't love the movie, Elf? The Elf Trivia Game will have your Christmas Party Guests, on the edge of their seat, scrambling to get the answer out before anyone else. It will be LOUD, it will be full of energy, and it will be FUN ... as long as you don't invite a bunch of cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

Elf Trivia Game (PDF)

The Elf Trivia Game is based on the popular movie, Elf, and Includes the following:

  • Elf Trivia Game Rules
  • 6 pages of Trivia Cards (8 per page) for a total of 48 Elf Trivia Cards

How To Use The Elf Trivia Game:

  1. Print the Elf Trivia Game on card stock.
  2. Cut the Elf Trivia Cards.
  3. Choose one person to read the Elf Trivia Questions.
  4. The first person who answers the question, correctly, gets the Elf Trivia Card.
  5. The person with the most Elf Trivia Cards, at the end, wins!

Read more about the Elf Trivia Game here!

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