Back-To-School Daily Checklist (PDF)
Back-To-School Daily Checklist (PDF)
Back-To-School Daily Checklist (PDF)

Back-To-School Daily Checklist (PDF)

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The Daily Back-To-School Checklist was designed with flexibility so you can edit the task fields, right on your computer, or write them in by hand.

This Back-To-School Checklist was designed to be used over and over again by laminating it and using a dry-erase marker to check the boxes.

Fillable Daily Back-To-School Checklist (PDF)

The Fillable Daily Back-To-School Checklist is a one-page PDF with the following fields:

  • 7 Morning Tasks
  • 7 Afternoon Tasks
  • 7 Evening Tasks
  • 1 Checkmark Box next to each Task (Checkmark Boxes are not fillable and are meant to be marked with a pen or a dry-erase marker.)

* Note: The FILLABLE fields are pictured in blue.

How To Use The Fillable Back-To-School Daily Checklist:

  1. Download the file. This is a digital product.
  2. Open in Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free here:
  3. Edit the highlighted text. This Daily Back-To-School Checklist is fillable, which means you can add the information on your computer before printing. For the most reliable results, open the PDF in the latest Adobe Reader, available free here: Then, hover over the page to find the fillable fields. You can not change the design or lettering. The fillable fields are laid over a pre-made template which can’t be altered.
  4. Save your file.
  5. Print the checklist.
  6. Hang the checklist on the refrigerator or another convenient spot.
  7. Mark off the tasks as you complete them each day.
  8. Optional: Reward yourself for sticking to your routine!

Stuff You Need To Know

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

The Daily Back-To-School Checklist is for personal use only.

Your monitor may show colors to be slightly different than the original artwork.

 >>> Due to the digital nature of this item, there are no refunds.