Christmas Want Need Wear Read Wish And Gift List (PDF)

Christmas Want Need Wear Read Wish And Gift List (PDF)

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Four gifts for Christmas has become a popular way to give. The idea is to give recipients something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. It's a great idea and has proven to be an excellent guide for us!

Christmas Want Need Wear Read Gift And Wish List (PDF)

The Christmas Want Need Wear Read Gift And Wish List is a two page PDF and includes:

  • A Wish List for your kids to list things they want, things they need, things to wear, and things to read.
  • A Christmas Gift List for up to 3 kids where you can list one thing you've chosen to purchase from each want, need, wear, and read category. This PDF also provides space to record your budget for each child and the amount of each gift!

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Christmas Want, Need, Wear, Read Gift And Wish List

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