Debt Tracker (PDF)
Debt Tracker (PDF)
Debt Tracker (PDF)

Debt Tracker (PDF)

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There are 50 squares in the Debt Tracker. Each time you pay on your debt, write the date and current debt amount in the square. Keep going until you are debt free. You may not need 50 squares or you may need to print another sheet. There are no rules here. Use the Debt Tracker in a way that works for YOU!

Debt Tracker (PDF)

The Debt Tracker is a one page PDF and provides space to record the following:

  • Starting Debt
  • How I Got Where I Am Today ... 
  • Steps To Take
  • Roadblocks
  • Reward
  • Squares To Track Your Debt Free Journey

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The Debt Tracker is for personal use only.

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