Ultimate Discbound Address Book (PDF)
Ultimate Discbound Address Book (PDF)
Ultimate Discbound Address Book (PDF)

Ultimate Discbound Address Book (PDF)

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The Ultimate Discbound Address Book was created to use with the discbound system!

I've had my current Address Book for YEARS ... the thing is tattered and the front cover has completely fallen off. I started out with great intentions and wrote every address in pencil ... you know, in case someone moves. Then, things just kind of got messy but my address book wasn't anywhere high on my to do list. Instead, it sat on my nightstand (not sure why I chose that spot) for probably the last year ... waiting patiently for me to do something about it. When I created the Ultimate Discbound Password Keeper using the discbound system, I thought ... hey, this would be an excellent way to update my address book, too! Yay! It really wasn't hard and I had my new Discbound Address Book done, with addresses and all, in one Saturday afternoon. I might've been looking for ways to put off the ironing. The Ultimate Address Book provides the PDF documents for you to use with your discbound system!

Ultimate Discbound Address Book (PDF)

The Ultimate Discbound Address Book is an 19 page PDF and includes the following:

  • Front and Back Cover
  • This Address Book Belongs To
  • Birthdays To Celebrate
  • Address Pages in 4 different colors
  • Alphabet Tabs - 2 per sheet

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