Home Project Planner (PDF)
Home Project Planner (PDF)

Home Project Planner (PDF)

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The Home Project Planner gives you space to get all of your project ideas out of your head and on paper!

Home Project Planner (PDF)

You have projects you want to complete but they seem to get lost in the thoughts of new projects and your daily to do's. If only there was one place you could get your project ideas, down on paper, to refer to when you're good and ready! That's EXACTLY what this Home Project Planner is for! Yay!

What's in the Home Project Planner?

The Home Project Planner is a PDF document and includes the following:

  • Binder Cover
  • Binder Spine Insert

  • This Home Project Binder Belongs To Page - Because you'll be carrying this binder around with you, be sure to put your name and email on this page just in case you leave it somewhere, while carrying around loads of sample carpet, tile, and paint.

  • Divider Tabs - Find what you're looking for, easily, by using divider tabs.

  • Project Contacts - So you have one spot to find the phone numbers you need.

  • Project Register - Where you can keep track of what you spend.

  • Project Budget - There's a lot of pieces to put together and you want to make sure you are staying on budget. Write each item on this Project Budget Sheet so you can get the big picture of money that will be spent.

  • Project Wish List - You may have grand ideas and this is the spot to list them, even if you know they may be out of reach.

  • Daily Planner - As your project gets into full swing, you'll have a lot of tasks to complete and the Daily Planner will help keep you on schedule.

  • Weekly Planner - The Weekly Planner gives you a space to write in what needs to happen each day.

  • Monthly Planner - The Monthly planner is the place to get a quick overview of your project's overall timeline.

  • Master Project List - Take a walk around your house, room by room, and write down every little project you'd like to tackle. Then, you can create a schedule to accomplish those projects.

  • Detailed Project Plan - This is where you get clear on exactly what needs to happen for each project. Make as many copies as you have projects!

  • Project Action Plan - Each project will likely have a To Do List, a Shopping List, and People To Call. This is the place to get it out of your head and on paper!

  • Project Estimate Comparison Chart - This chart prompts you on questions to ask contractors so you can choose the contractor that fits your needs best.

  • Project Inspiration - This sheet walks you step-by-step through a room and provides space to write what you'd like to see in that room.

  • Project Inspiration Blank Sheet - Have a picture of floors you love, a light fixture, or furniture you like? Adhere it to this sheet. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

  • Notes - When starting any project, you will have lots of notes to take and this is the perfect spot to write them!

The Home Project Planner was designed to help you organize the projects you would like to get done around your house! Print the whole thing and print extra pages, as you need them.

This is an excellent tool to help you focus on getting those projects done!

Stuff You Need To Know

This is a digital product. No physical item will be mailed.

The Home Project Planner is for personal use only.

>>> Due to the digital nature of this item, there are no refunds.


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Wonderful Asset

Easy to use! Needed these!!