Hope Journal (PDF)
Hope Journal (PDF)

Hope Journal (PDF)

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Hope is a crucial element of our physical and mental well-being. It has also been said that people who have hope have healthier habits! Hope does not mean to wish ... it is so much more than that. Hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised. In order to make hope come alive, you must have goals that excite you and fill your thoughts with pictures of the future. You must identify pathways to reach your goals and motivate yourself to be persistent in the face of obstacles. The Hope Journal was designed to help you discover the things that fill you with hope and the steps to take to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Hope Journal (PDF)

The Hope Journal Printable is a one page PDF and provides space for the following:

  • Things I Enjoy
  • I Get Excited About ...
  • I Am Good At
  • 1 Goal That Uses My Strengths
  • 3 Pathways To Reach My Goal
  • I Am Motivated By ...
  • Obstacles That Discourage Me
  • 3 Ways I Have Overcome Obstacles In The Past
  • My Cheerleaders Are ...
  • 1 Way To Make This Experience Fun
  • 1 Step I Can Take Today

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