How Am I Feeling (PDF)
How Am I Feeling (PDF)

How Am I Feeling (PDF)

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My freshman college student designed this How Am I Feeling Chart and I'm thinking we could ALL use something like this! It's NOT just for college kids!

What Is the How Am I Feeling Chart?

The How Am I Feeling chart is a one sheet PDF perfect for anybody who wants to understand how they are feeling and why. Perhaps one day you are feeling lazy and the next day you are ready to take on the world.

The chart is meant for people to track how they feel and maybe find a correlation between that and their eating and exercise habits. By having a chart for the whole week, it is easier to see trends in how you are feeling and how you are taking care of your body.

If you are interested if your mood is truly affected by your exercise and eating, this is the chart for you.

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