Mini Paper Easter Basket Template (PDF)
Mini Paper Easter Basket Template (PDF)

Mini Paper Easter Basket Template (PDF)

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Use this Mini Paper Easter Basket Template to create little Easter Baskets you can gift or use as party favors!

The Mini Paper Easter Basket Template Includes:

  • Instructions to make a Mini Easter Basket
  • Mini Easter Basket Template you can use to print on color card stock.

How To Assemble The Mini Paper Easter Basket

  1. Print the Easter Basket template on card stock in the color of your choice.
  2. Cut along the outside black lines.
  3. Score between the v’s using a ruler and the back of a butter knife. You will have two score lines in each direction.
  4. Fold on each score line, using the back of the butter knife, to give your folds a nice crease.
  5. Cut along the folds on the black lines up to the center fold. You will have four cuts.
  6. On one side with cuts, fold up the center piece and place one end of the basket handle on top of it. Then, pull the two outside edges up over the center square and basket handle, making sure to overlap all four pieces.
  7. Staple the four pieces together.
  8. Repeat for the opposite side.
  9. Add a little paper grass and a few treats!


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